We all know that Zara is bae when it comes to giving us high fashion at much more pocket friendly rates, I mean not everyone is willing or able to shop or keep up with the latest fashion trends by buying the big labels. For many of us, Zara provides an option to still have fun and play around with new trends without fully investing in them. Whilst many high street brands generally do a good job of providing alternatives to our favorite coveted items from luxury brands, Zara does a damn good job hands down. So today we are sharing some of our favorite versions of coveted items on Zara.com right now. Enjoy!

L: Zara , R: Chloe

The Chloe Nile bag is definitely the “it” bag of the season. But its okay if you are not about to drop $1,450 and up to get one.

L: Miu Miu, R: Zara

I really believe that feathers are going to replace fringe in Lagos parties, very soon. But here is a really fun way to rock them.

L: Zara, Top R: Miu Miu, Top B: Chanel

We love how pearls instantly prettify things, I mean we cannot say we are fans of these cookie monster looking Miu Miu Slides (although they look so comfy) but throw some pearls on them and they look so much better (still wouldn’t buy them tho).

L: Zara, R: Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier shows us how to rock sneakers and look glam while at it, Zara also gives us a very pocket friendly alternative.

L: Zara, M: Sanayi 313, R: Zara

The Sanayi 313 brand is Opulence personified, the craftsmanship on their pieces is insane, this Turkish label definitely has our hearts, like I imagine chilling in my mansion, walking around in these slippers. But until I can get myself to purchase a pair of lounging slippers for $800 (by which time my mansion will be ready) these Zara ones will do.

L: Zara, R: Fendi

Dare we say we like the Zara one better.

L: Zara, R: Sophia Webster

This is for the ones that love a good pair of caged heels.

L (top&bottom) : Zara, R (top & bottom) : Gucci

Seriously, we think Zara has another way out for every Gucci piece you will find this season. Don’t believe us? Just visit Zara.com

L: Zara, R: Celine

Rocking a pair of V-cut shoes is an instant way to put some quirk into your look, very stylish.

L: Zara, R: Chanel

This bag is the single reason why many many many of us will always love Zara. This is the truth. I mean what do you say about someone who will make you a beautiful “boy” on a budget whilst having you looking so fly? Yea, that’s Zara and Zara is bae.

We hope you enjoyed our little round up. Enjoy the rest of your week guys.


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