I’m wearingZara Blouse, buy HERE, custom made Aso-Oke Midi length Skirt by FSS, Scarf – Zara buy similar HERE, Earrings & Cocktail Ring from FF Fine Jewelry HERE, Old Les Petit Joueurs Bag & Roger Vivier Pumps

One thing that I am so much more conscious of as I get older, wiser and closer to God, is that I have a purpose in life and I must fulfill it or else what a waste will it be? I want to LIVE really LIVE and I never really had a deep understanding of this until recent times. Now that I do, it is so important and so major that I live my purpose. I can no longer do “comme ci comme ca” with my life. We are also mid-year so its a great time to access my progress and adjust accordingly. Over the first half of 2017 I have experienced a number of huge changes from moving to a new job, to actively blogging more, to creating and making things again, to being more aware of who I am, its been great and scary all at the same time but I really do trust that God is doing a great work in me that even my mind cannot imagine. I have set out a number of things for the next half of the year and I am going to work tirelessly to achieve them so help me God. I want to end my epistle now but I just want to encourage everyone feeling confused about life to understand that life is in stages and cycles and it is perfectly okay to feel lost sometimes, the important thing is that you never give up, trust God, pray, find your purpose and work hard towards achieving it, make up your mind to live your best life and be a blessing to others (this has helped in my journey).

Now that I am done with my epistle, I just want to confess to you guys that after pom poms, my latest obsession is anything with frills/ruffles, like it has reached an all time high, ridiculous! Anyway, I am rocking this shirt with ruffle details from Zara with a custom made aso-oke skirt by FSS. I wore it to church the other day and got so much love, do you guys love it? I am coming up with and making different things for FSS (ForStyleSake) and I would really love to hear what you think (btw thanks for the love on the pom pom skirt Segi wore in the last post). I’ve always found scarves so chic and lady like and definitely a big nod to my style so I styled this Zara scarf by tying it on my wrist like a bracelet. Would you guys say I have now mastered the art of posing? Because I am looking at my pictures like who that? Lol. Have a blessed and amazing week guys.