Happy new month guys! (You know I come from a place where we wish each other a happy new day, week, month etc). I can’t believe it’s August already. Didn’t this year just start like last month?

I love how the Lagos scene is evolving. It’s no longer just about going to the cinema, restaurants/bars and clubs. These days you can catch a play almost every week, go kayaking, surfing, go to an exhibition or food/fashion fair, etc. If you are like me though, you probably still only do at least one of the first three things I mentioned. The rest are for “alte guys”. I joke.

Every now and again I step out of my usual and do something different. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life (you want to know who they are abi? I’m still trying to find out…lol). Anyway, we were looking for prospective shoot locations when we remembered that there was an art exhibition at Sao Cafe in Lekki. If you are a fashion blogger, you know the hustle for bomb locations is real, so we went there the day after the exhibition ended. Thankfully, they hadn’t packed up yet so most of all the art was on display and boy did we get great pictures!

If you know me (and Salewa), you know we love a good bargain. I remember the Vlabel sales.  I would just make a note of the dresses I liked and just wait for their “deadly sales”. Sometimes I wonder if they stopped doing those sales because of me (and my friend Kariba. Sorry Ribs). I never bought any dress full price. Oh the joys of bargain hunting!

Back to the post. I got this dress at a Grey sale (of course) in June. By the time I got there, my fellow bargain hunters had almost cleared the racks. Thankfully, I managed to find something I liked and the dress is still retailing for $115 on the Grey website. I hear there is a Grey Sale in August so if you love the brand definitely keep your eyes on their IG page this month.

P.S – The car in the photo was painted by an artist called Painter Abe. We have so much talent in Nigeria, it was really a sight to behold.

 Dress – Grey, Sandals – TMaxx

Wish you all a wonderful month

Love, Segi