Hey Guys,

Hope you are all enjoying the 4-day weekend. I’m so happy for the long weekend (but you know it’ll fly by like quicksand).

As you may have noticed, we are really big on Nigerian brands. It’s really exciting what Nigerian brands are coming up with. One brand we are currently loving at the moment is Adey Soile. The brand’s aim is to revolutionize the modern working woman’s wardrobe by creating classic timeless clothing that can be worn year after year and you know we love our workwear 😉

Adey Soile recently launched a new collection – The Dahomey Amazon Collection, which my dress from this #WorkChic post happens to be from and we decided to share our top 5 picks from the collection with you.

Love love these dresses. They would definitely add some spunk to your workwear.

The good news is that you can shop these dresses and the rest of the collection at Adey Soile’s shopping party holding tomorrow.

See you there!