Hey guys,

It’s me (*Todd Kraines voice*). So I was going through my Instagram feed last month and saw that Clan was doing a sale. For those who don’t know, Clan is a fashion label owned by Deola Sagoe’s daughters.  If you know Clan, you know they are NOT cheap so my antenna was on high alert. I pencilled down the date and continued my insta-stalking (we all do it, let’s not pretend).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t sneak out of work on the first day of the sale (the only day that matters imo. The next day is for scraps and I’m not a dustbin..lol I’m joking). Luckily for me, my stand up sister was able to go and was sending me pictures of the clothes on sale. Her taste in clothes is much better than mine so when she sent me this dress, I’m like ‘that’s the one, I need it”. However (what now abi?), she liked it for herself and was just showing me but over-excitement didn’t allow me read properly.

As God will have it, it was too small for her so she let me have it (is that not what first-borns do? Be handing down stuff. No complaints here sha). Best part of the story is that the dress cost 7,500! Yep, seven thousand, five hundred naira only, in case you think I meant 75,000 (this is very possible with Clan).

What do you guys think? Bargain or what?

Love, Segi