Hi everyone, how are y’all doinggg? Its been a while and I’ve missed catching up with you guys on the blog. Segi and I took a much needed break in August (or so we thought *hot tears*), we went to Singapore with toddlers, who does that???? <— the exact question someone asked me, like who sent us? It definitely wasn’t easy,  and I gained a new level of respect for my son’s nanny because that boy showed me something, lol. Singapore is a very beautiful place, so modern and futuristic, it was fantastic learning about a new culture, and we loved it. My daughter was running on a 100% excitement level the whole time and her beaded braids amused almost everyone in sight. My only regret was that we didn’t get to do a shoot in Little India as we had planned, I feel like we need to go to back to SG and shoot in Little India just for closure. Howww did we not shoot there? Fashion Blogger that visits SG and fails to shoot in Little India, is that one a blogger?

Little India fail notwithstanding, Singapore was fantastic. Thankfully we got to visit the Singapore Art Musuem particularly to see the vibrant and beautiful works of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese Artist whose work is loved all over the world. She has collaborated with Louis Vuitton in the past. I particularly love the fact that her work is so colorful because I love my big bright colors. We managed to squeeze in various photo sessions in the different rooms her work was displayed, I even decided to DIY my son’s first birthday shoot in one of the rooms. I must also say that trying to do a photo/shoot with toddlers (2 under 2) is like mission impossible, the S T R U G G L E was mad real.

The first room we walked into was the yellow and black polka dots room (unofficial name o). Not sure what her inspiration was but we heard Ms Kusama is obsessed with pumpkins.

The next room we went to was the bright and colorful room with different bright polka dots everywhere.

The last room we went to was called the Obliteration room and was specially installed for children. Its safe to say it was the most fun room and my daughter had a blast. Upon entry, kids were given a strip of multicolored stickers and allowed to stick them everywhere. My little lady loves her stickers (as many kids do) so she had a blast:

Other random views from the exhibition:

As you already can tell, her work is so incredible. Like what is going on in her brain??? How does she think of these things? The exhibition inspired me to read more about her and I found out she is 88 years old, she is also a writer and a poet and has lived in a hospital for the mentally ill for years now. Wow!

                                                                                                                    Yayoi Kusama

The weekend is upon us and I hope you all find some time to relax. Enjoy your weekend Guys!